Command Reference

This section of the manual contains most of the commands which comprise the VINO user environment. Other commands may be found under "applications", and those which are of interest chiefly or exclusively to system administrators may be found under "administrator reference".

All commands set a status value upon exit which may be tested to see if the command completed normally. The possible exit values for each command differ and are documented specifically where relevant. In general, an exit status of 0 indicates successful completion and any nonzero status indicates an error of some sort.


biff finger from last lastlogin mesg msgs rsh rup ruptime rusers rwall rwho talk users vacation wall who whois write

See also mail readers.

Text and Data Processing

awk banner basename bdes cat cmp col colcrt colrm column comm cut dirname echo ed egrep expand expr fgrep fmt fold grep head hexdump join jot lam less lesskey m4 more look odpaste page pr rev rs sed shar sort split strings tail tee tr ul unexpand uniq unvis uudecode uuencode view vis wc yes

See also editors.

File and Directory Operations

cd chflags chgrp chmod compress cp du file find ln locate ls mkdir mkfifo mv pwd rm rmdir touch uncompress

See also file managers.

Time and Timed Execution

at atq atrm batch cal crontab date leave sleep

See also appointment calendars.

System Status

domainname hostname id machine uname whereis which

Account and Session Status/Manipulation

chfn chpass chsh clear groups env lock login logname passwd printenv script skey skeyaudit skeyinfo skeyinit stty tput tset tty whoami window yppasswd

Process Operations

kill nice nohup renice time

Tools for Scripting

apply false getopt pagesize printf sleep true xargs


sh cshincluding
  • alias
  • bg, fg, jobs, stop, suspend
  • dirs, popd, pushd
  • foreach
  • history
  • limit
  • rehash
  • repeat
  • source

Programming Tools

addr2line ar as asa c++filt cccp (cpp) ctags error flex fpr fsplit indent g++ gcc gprof ld lex lorder make mkdep mkstr nlmconv nm objcopy objdump patch ranlib rpcgen size strings striptsort unifdef vgrind what xstr yacc

Administrative Tools

See Administrator Reference