VINO Release 0.50

VINO 0.50 is the second public alpha release of the VINO operating system. Like its predecessor VINO 0.40, VINO 0.50 is based, in part, on the x86 version of NetBSD. Specifically, VINO 0.50 is based on NetBSD 1.3 and has essentially similar hardware support; it will run on an Intel i486 processor or newer members of that processor family. (We do not support certain characteristics of the 386 MMU; VINO might boot on a 386, but it probably wouldn't run correctly.)

For acceptable performance, you should run VINO on a Pentium-class (or higher) PC with at least 16 (preferably 32) MB of RAM and at least twice that much swap space. We have succeeded in booting and running VINO on an i486 with 8 MB RAM, but it runs very slowly and occasionally hangs.

Extensive documentation is available on-line, including:

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