Administrator Reference

Administrator Reference

This section contains information related to system operation and maintenance. It describes commands used to create and mount file systems, control and monitor disk usage, maintain backups, install new software, maintain system logs and configuration, and handle accounting. Daemons, automatically run programs, and automatic maintenance programs are described in the daemon reference. Administrative procedures and tasks are described under administrative procedures. Device drivers are described uners device drivers.

Administrator Tools

ac cap_mkdb chown chroot dm fastboot fasthalt install logger makekey mdsetimage mknod mtree newsyslog nologin rc shutdown su sync vipw

makedev for amiga arm32 atari hp300 i386 sparc sun3 vax

installboot for vax

Network Administrator Tools

gettable htable rdate rpcinfo spray tcpdchk tcpdmatch

See also network daemons.


zdump zic

YP subsystem

yp ypcat ypmatch yppoll ypset ypwhich