What VINO Is Not

(at least in this release)

VINO is not a production system.

VINO is a research system. It is not intended to be maximally stable, maximally secure, or maximally fast. If you are looking for a system to run your accounts receivable on, keep looking.

VINO is not a finished system.

See the list of unsupported features and also the list of known bugs.

VINO is not particularly secure.

There are several known ways to read or write arbitrary kernel memory from unprivileged user processes. These are bugs. They have not been fixed in this release because it is more important to make the system available now than it is to make it perfect before anyone sees it.

VINO is not a "stable" system.

"Stable" can mean several things, but in this case we mean that it is likely to change a lot between one release and the next. For example, we do not expect binary compatibility between this release and future releases.