hier - layout of filesystems


VINO Reference Manual

Last update: November 12, 1997


hier - layout of filesystems


A sketch of the filesystem hierarchy.

/ root directory of the filesystem
/bin/ user utilities fundamental to both single-user and multi-user environments
/dev/ block and character device files
/dev/MAKEDEV script for creating device files; see makedev(8)
/dev/fd file descriptor files; see fd(4)
/etc/ system configuration files and scripts
/etc/localtime local timezone information; see ctime(3)
/etc/disklabels/ backup disklabels; see disklabel(8)
/etc/mtree/ mtree configuration files; see mtree(8)
/etc/namedb/ named configuration files; see named(8)
/etc/uucp/ UUCP configuration files
/mnt/ empty directory commonly used by system administrators as a temporary mount point
/sbin/ system programs and administration utilities fundamental to both single-user and multi-user environments
/tmp/ temporary files (the contents of /tmp are usually NOT preserved across a system reboot)
/usr/ contains the majority of user utilities and applications
/usr/bin/ common utilities, programming tools, and applications
/usr/contrib/ large packages contributed to Berkeley by outside parties
/usr/games/ useful and semi-frivolous programs
/usr/include/ standard C include files
/usr/include/X11/ include files for X11 window system
/usr/include/arpa/ C include files for Internet service protocols
/usr/include/net/ misc network C include files
/usr/include/netimp/ C include files for IMP protocols; see imp(4)
/usr/include/netinet/ C include files for Internet standard protocols; see inet(4)
/usr/include/netiso/ C include files for ISO standard protocols; see iso(4)
/usr/include/netns/ C include files for XNS standard protocols; see ns(4)
/usr/include/nfs/ C include files for NFS (Network File System)
/usr/include/protocols/ C include files for Berkeley service protocols
/usr/include/sys/ POSIX and BSD standard C include files
/usr/include/vino/ VINO include files
/usr/include/vino/arch/ architecture-specific C include files
/usr/include/vino/graft Graft include files
/usr/include/vino/sys VINO kernel include files
/usr/lib/ archive libraries
/usr/libdata/ misc. utility data files
/usr/libexec/ system daemons & system utilities (executed by other programs)
/usr/local/ local executables, libraries, etc.
/usr/mdec/ boot blocks, etc.
/usr/sbin/ system daemons & system utilities (executed by users)
/usr/share architecture-independent data files
/usr/share/calendar/ a variety of pre-fab calendar files; see calendar(1)
/usr/share/dict/ word lists; see look(1)
/usr/share/dict/words common words
/usr/share/dict/web2 words from Webster's 2nd International
/usr/share/dict/papers/ reference databases; see refer(1)
/usr/share/dict/special/ custom word lists; see spell(1)
/usr/share/doc/ misc documentation; src for most of the printed 4.3BSD manuals (available from the USENIX Association)
/usr/share/games/ ascii text files used by various games
/usr/share/man/ these manual pages
/usr/share/me/ *roff macros for use with the me macro package
/usr/share/misc/ misc system-wide ascii text files
/usr/share/misc/termcap terminal characteristics database; see termcap(5)
/usr/share/mk/ templates for make; see make(1)
/usr/share/ms/ *roff macros for use with the ms macro package
/usr/share/skel/ example . (dot) files for new accounts
/usr/share/tabset/ tab description files for a variety of terminals; used in the termcap file; see termcap(5)
/usr/share/tmac/ *roff text processing macros; see typesetting
/usr/share/zoneinfo/ timezone configuration information; see tzfile(5)
/usr/src/ VINO source tree
/usr/src/libc/ Source for C standard library and other related kernel-dependent things
/usr/src/tools/ Source for compiler and compiler tools
/usr/src/utils/ Source for user-level utilities
/usr/src/vino/ VINO kernel source
/var/ multi-purpose log, temporary, transient, and spool files
/var/account/ system accounting files
/var/account/acct execution accounting file; see acct(5)
/var/at/ timed command scheduling files; see at(1)
/var/backups/ misc. backup files
/var/db/ misc. automatically generated system-specific database files
/var/games/ misc. game status and log files
/var/log/ misc. system log files
/var/log/wtmp login/logout log; see wtmp(5)
/var/mail/ user mailbox files
/var/preserve/ temporary home of files preserved after an accidental death of a vi-type editor; see vi(1)
/var/quotas/ filesystem quota information files
/var/run/ system information files describing various info about system since it was booted
/var/run/utmp database of current users; see utmp(5)
/var/rwho/ rwho data files; see rwhod(8)rwho(1), and ruptime(1)
/var/spool/ misc. printer and mail system spooling directories
/var/ftp/ commonly ~ftp; the anonymous ftp root directory
/var/mqueue/ undelivered mail queue; see sendmail(8)
/var/output/ line printer spooling directories
/var/secretmail/ secretmail spool directory; see xget(1)
/var/uucp/ uucp spool directory
/var/uucppublic/ commonly ~uucp; public uucp temporary directory
/var/tmp/ temporary files that are kept between system reboots
/vino pure kernel executable (the operating system as loaded into memory at boot time).


ls(1)apropos(1)whatis(1)whereis(1)finger(1)which(1)find(1)grep(1) , fsck(8)


hier manual page appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.